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Reality ✓: Swimsuit Styles for Post Baby Boobs

Hi! I’m Emily And This Is A Story About Boobs

After birthing a baby, there is no doubt our bodies change. We grew a human and then most likely fed that human from our body…it does some damage. I’ve been in the cycle of pregnant, nursing and postpartum 4 times now, and let’s be honest, after that first pregnancy, my tits were never the same! Once a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee, my perky little B cups are now grocery bag with a cup of JELLO sloshing around sized. Not to mention, my nipples face every which way and are always at attention. This is not the greatest motivation for trying various swimsuit styles.

With summer lurking around the corner and many beach trips in the future, I took to the internet to find some new swimwear that might hold these old girls close to where they used to be. Get ready to enjoy my swimsuit styles for post baby boobs experiment!

One Piece Swimsuits

Right out of the gate I loved this green one piece and cover up. Boosted my confidence a little. The girls DID look like I nursed 4 kids but not THAT bad.

No matter what I did I could not get the padding underneath to be normal so it looked like I had a baby crinkle toy shoved in my top. And the bottom band rubbed my already raw nipples, making things less than comfortable.

Is it just me or do one shoulder tops make you feel very uneven? Not to mention the tan lines this thing would cause!

Full Coverage Tops

I liked this style, but also felt like I was wearing a crop top and not a swimsuit. Is that in style now? Who knows. Also, do we have to tie everything now?! I liked that my boobs were secure and not going to fall out but like a t-shirt does too.

Swimsuit Confidence Boosters!

Need I say more? The girls are where they’re supposed to be in this orange top…now only if I can find bottoms to match. But you can definitely see all my veins in this one, maybe with a tan it wouldn’t be as bad? But I was feeling myself in it and didn’t even care that my stretch marks were showing in all their glory.

I really liked these thick strapped V-neck tops. They were thick along the sides so I didn’t feel like what wasn’t spilling out under my armpits. No toddler was going to grab a strap and give the beach a show in these guys. Bonus the bottoms are super high waisted.

Something about this metal v in this suit had me feeling good. Girls stayed in place, weren’t revealing any nips, and I think I can nurse in it. Only down side is its a tie back and well, I have toddlers.


Is side boob in? I don’t even know what is going on with this one. It seemed more than side boob, and was seriously worried about the whole thing sliding out like a jellyfish.

Ok for real though, you only got under boob from one side in this suit AND I got my nipple stuck in the slit trying to put it on!

I didn’t even know I had that much boob until I put this one on. Also I struggled figuring it out but this is how the model had it! No support for the girls, they may or may not be 2 inches from my belly button in this one.

If I were 10 years younger…

Ok this little pink number is so fun and cute. It made me feel like my girls weren’t huge and brought me back to the IBTC times but I was one toddler grabby hand away from flashing the world my goodies!

I’m honestly shocked my tits don’t slide right through the gap, but they feel secure in this beauty. I like, Brian likes, it’s a keeper.


Author: Author: Emily Martins is mom to 4 beautiful children and Market Director for Cool Moms of Howard County and Laurel. Visit our Chapter Directory for a Cool Moms near you!


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