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A Fabulous COVID Staycation

She is actually just passed out drunk…

Love In The Time Of COVID

In light of the latest COVID Variant Omicron, many of us are itching for some time away, but nervous about leaving the house AT ALL. It’s a game of Frogger out there.

After having my 4th baby, on December 6th, I got mastitis in one tit, (the good one) followed by a fun round of RSV in 3 of my 4 children. Then, my husband got COVID. Then, 2 of our 4 children got COVID. Then I got COVID. Then everyone in the state of Maryland got COVID…

I was dying for some sort of getaway! Unfortunately, we had just blown a pretty significant portion of our fun money on the holidays, birthdays, and bringing a new life into the world, so a real vacation wasn’t in the cards. Instead of giving up, my husband Brian and I decided to send our older 3 babes to their grandparents for a night, and have romantic “staycation” at home!

Here are some tips on how to actually enjoy just sitting at home for the 1000th night in a row.

Spend The Day Before Tidying Up

I didn’t do a deep clean or anything because… well who has time for that with 4 kids? I just made sure the dishes were done, laundry was piled on the laundry room floor instead of bedroom floors, and ran a quick vacuum/Swiffer combo.

Now where to STAY?

Destination #1: Living Room

Brian threw some logs on our wood stove and we laid down a cozy blanket for an indoor picnic. The picnic was takeout on paper plates. Extra points for an easy clean up! Turn off all the electronics and enjoy a conversation with your significant other.

Destination #2: Basement

Normally we’d just lay on our large living room sectional and watch a movie, but we have a spare mattress that I set up in the basement and gussied up with the works! You HAVE to include extra pillows and blankets (I even broke out my favorite weighted blanket!) My man and I cuddled up without having random toys digging into our backs. True bliss. It was a different entertainment viewing location, and we enjoyed exploring the new space instead of just sitting on the same old couch and watching a movie.

Destination #3: Bathroom

Warm Towels 4 Dayz

Now I’m a mom of 4, so me taking anything longer than a 5 minute shower is a vacation, but I made this shower extra special. I threw some towels in the towel warmer, lit some candles, busted open a Spongelle, and threw a shower steamer in the bottom of the tub. My bathroom transformed into a tropical oasis for at least 30 minutes…because I’m worth it.

If you haven’t tried a towel warmer, you’re missing out!

Destination #4: Bed

Model Featured Does Not Have Children.

This was the only big purchase I made for this “vacation” and I was 100% ok with it. I invested in new sheets AND a giant blanket. Once my fancy bed linens arrived, I washed them with luxurious scent beads that filled our entire room! It was like staying at a fancy hotel, even if I still got woken up every 2 hours by the baby.

Interested in trying something fancy your your bedroom? Check out our review of the silk pillowcase trend!

Destination #5: Take a walk

We are all trying to avoid going into crowded public places, but there’s no reason you can’t explore a new walking path near your home. Go see some local sights that you have always been too busy to check out.

Destination #6: The COVID Kitchen Show!

I really enjoy cooking (not meal planning, but the act of cooking.) Brian and I never get a chance to cook together. We took the toddler free opportunity and made breakfast as a team. Find a recipe you and your partner have never made (check Pinterest obvi!) and enjoy being in each other’s company.

Have a great trip!!!!

Author: Emily Martins is mom to 3 beautiful children and Market Director for Cool Moms of Howard County and Laurel.


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