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Amazon Recommended Products by Cool Moms for Cool Families

Comin’ atcha!

I hope many of you enjoyed our first list, Amazon Recommended Products by Cool Moms for Cool Moms! Well, whether you did or didn’t, this one is COMPLETELY different. While the first one was geared a little more towards women and moms, this one is more family friendly. By that I mean that there are more people that may enjoy it. Maybe it is you, maybe your significant other, maybe your kids, maybe all.

Listen, I am not a girly, girl. Most of the items on the first list were items I would not have gone for, but I am super excited to try them because when I DO dress up and go out (like I plan to a LOT more now than the past year), I want to look and feel good. As a mom, I tend to forget to do things for me. But, besides getting some new things for ME to try for ME, I am VERY excited by some of these products. Some even might make great Father’s Day gifts for those still at a loss of what to get…like me.

Sip Sip Betches

I have tried SO many different containers to try and keep my coffee warm both at home and when I’m on the go. I have already ordered this one and am so excited for it to arrive. My husband also struggles with keeping his coffee hot on his way to work, so we may end up ordering another one soon. Here is what the mom who sent it to me has to say about it; “This thermos/water bottle is a life saver for me! It seriously keeps water cold for 12+ hours. I’m sure it would do the same to keep coffee hot, but I’m on a water binge right now.” I LOVE that it works great for both hot and cold drinks. Sounds perfect for sport families who watch and attend games in both hot and cold weather!!

Write something dirty…

With many of us working and schooling at home, I am sure that pens are getting used (and lost) a lot faster than they used to. Even with a lot of things starting to return to normal, pens get used. And, if your pens are anything like my pens… they NEVER seem to work. We are CONSTANTLY buying new pens because we are tired of them not working when we need them. Well, the mom who recommends these says that they are by far her FAVORITE pens. My husband also has these at work and loves them. Sometimes a few end up in our home, but get lost easily as we try to hide them from our toddler. As soon as we buy a house, I am ordering these and throwing out ALL of our old ones!!

I no longer have to burn my fingers!

When this one showed up in my messages, I was wary. An electrical lighter? One I have to charge? But, the more I read, the more I started to fall in love and added it to my shopping list. I HATE having lighters around my kids. They are young, and probably can’t use them properly yet, but I get nervous. Plus the lighter fluid we have for some of them also. This needs no fuel AND has no flame AND has safety features!! We don’t use candles often, because of the young kids, but we do have tiki torches and candles outside to protect us from bugs, so me being short and summer coming, I am excited to give this a try. Charging is also faster and easier than going out to buy new lighters or fluid if we need it. Or going crazy trying to find where we hid them.

So colorful!

Are you tired of your family using a MILLION paper towels for everything??? Wiping up spills, cleaning, wiping their faces 100x while eating? These might be for you (to use and to save your sanity… and wallet). They are soft (good for skin and electronics), easy to use AND clean and come in a 24 pack of different colors. So, if you want to use them for different things (like one for cleaning and one for personal use), you can easily separate them. Not only do they come HIGHLY recommended by Cool Moms, but Amazon reviewers love them too!!

So glad scrunchies are making a comeback

To the Mom who sent this to me… Did you ever know that you’re my hero? Me and my daughter both have long curly hair. After the shower, we both have our hair up, trying to get dressed and ready before doing our hair (because doing it first leaves our clothes wet and messes up our hair). This has become my new favorite thing!! It helps our hair stay up and not drip all over us AND helps it get to a good spot that is perfect for styling (wet, but not soaking). It is also better than using 2 towels each, one for hair and one for body, so saving our laundry too. Anyone who needs to put their hair up until they are ready to style it and wants to keep their clothes dry will LOVE this. Also good for when getting out of the pool so pool water doesn’t get in food.

Right into my veins!

Do you love cold brew coffee? Are you tired of spending time and money buying or making it? If you answered yes to ANY of these, then THIS is for YOU!!! In my house, we LOVE cold brew. We got an amazing cold brew maker for our wedding, but sometimes it is a little time consuming. Also, the glass container is fragile and now that my daughter is big/strong enough to open the fridge, we are nervous she might accidentally knock it over and break it. Well, this looks like our next purchase. It needs to be refrigerated once opened, but is ready to drink, so no need to measure out coffee and water. Just pour, add your favorite coffee additions (if any) and enjoy. As a busy mom and with a ‘dad on the go’ husband, I feel like this will be added to our automatic reorder list on Amazon.

Omg where has this been all my life?!

Our dog passed away in October, so you would think that we don’t need this, but anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows that it can take months (or even years) before you stop finding their fur. Especially if they were a shedder and loved your furniture. And I swear kids lose just as much hair. So, whether you have a pet, a messy kid, or a hairy S.O. this might be what your family needs. It is better than those sticky ones (that you need no less than a dozen each time you use it) and able to be cleaned and reused, so money saver!! Also good for lint and shedding blankets/toys (which to me are the WORST!! Lol).

Any excuse to watch a movie!

I KNOW some of you are ready to order this one RIGHT away, just like me!! Popcorn has become a permanent daily snack in my house since I had my second baby. It is fast, low calorie, delicious and my daughter loves it as much as I do. The only downside? Crappy expensive bags or hot stoves. Well… que this amazing product. The mom that sent this says “The product I LOVE from Amazon is my Hot Pop. It cooks popcorn perfectly every time, is easy to clean, collapses for storage (though we don’t store ours much – we are big popcorn fans!), and avoids all the nasty fake butters, oils, and chemicals used in microwaveable popcorn bags”. Wait, so my daughter can still press the button on the microwave AND we can make this snack even healthier?!?! Done!! I’m ordering!!

Garlic hands are lame sauce

At what age to we stop cutting up food, especially grapes, into small pieces for our kids? Or ourselves? I love a good chopped salad! And my husband is big on meal planning, so he makes it all at the beginning of the week, which can sometimes be time consuming. This will probably quickly become a staple in your kitchen if your family is anything like mine. Here’s what was said when the recommendation came: “I saw your post regarding products that we love and I am in love with my chopper! It saves me a ton of time with meal prepping and I actually recommend it to all moms that I make meal plans for. I use it not just for veggies but also to cut up fruit and make grapes not death balls”.

Tailgate in the library parking lot?

This one has SO many different uses, from using at home, in the backyard, picnic or when camping. If you like to grill, this is DEFINITELY something you should look into. And if you don’t… this may change your mind. It is easy to use AND easy to clean. With SO many different options of what you can make on it, more home cooked meals may be in your future. Or, more parties/family get togethers this summer. Check the Amazon reviews if you need to see some of the great meals people have made using this item!

Latte is life

Make some of your favorite drinks for a FRACTION of the cost at home with this fancy tool that comes in almost EVERY color!! If you love foam on your coffee or hot chocolate you will love this!! If you love Matcha you will love this! If you love making drinks using powder mixes you will love this! So many uses AND a true lifetime warranty. I love when a company believes in their product so much, they back it 100%. Makes me more willing to give it a try. Even comes with a stand as well. Bonus!!

For all you curly haired moms

If ANYONE in your family has curly hair, you KNOW how much a good product like this is. My hand gets SO tired with a regular spray bottle between me and my daughter. But, that is not the ONLY great use for a product like this. The first thing that comes to my mind is being out this summer and having this to help keep everyone cool. Some house plants do better with misting over just watering. And even some pets, like reptiles and amphibians, need daily misting. There are so many great uses for this product, you may need more than one.

Mosquitoes are the worst

WHAT??? Why have I never heard of this??? Bugs LOVE me. All bugs. Especially ones that bite. Mosquitoes, spiders, flies, bees… you name it. And yes, some bees bite. Not only that, it works on stings as well. I do want to warn you that I read a lot of reviews on this product and it may not be right for everyone, but it does sound perfect for me. I swell up a LOT from bites and stings. They itch for DAYS, keep me up at night, and I scratch until they bleed and then some. I know that may be TMI, but I will take a suction mark over all that any day. If anti itch creams work for you (they don’t for me) than you may want to stick with that. Also, do not use on your face. But, if you or your kids have big problems with bites, like me, you might want to give this a try. Also, it is a Mom/Woman owned and created product/business. Love that!!

Can I fit 87 dresses on this?

This product is coming straight to you from me. This is seriously the BEST product I have ever ordered off of Amazon. I have one for each of my kids and it saves SO much closet space. I have made one row of hanging clothes three and can separate it by type or age (shirts/skirts or 3m, 6m, etc. for the baby). What is even better is that as they grow up, I can turn it from three to two so they have twice as much space to hang shirts. I hate digging through drawers looking for clothes and don’t have much room for dressers, so this is a huge space and time saver for me. I even grab hangers and put shirts right on them out of the dryer and put them right back in the closet so I don’t have to fold anything and it gets put away faster. Once we buy a house, I am seriously considering getting one for me and my husband as well, once we see what the new closet setup is like.

How many toys can I fit in here?

Do you want to see what the back seat of my car looks like? Trust me, you really don’t. I have so much stuff that I keep in the car for when I am out with the kids that it is out of control. Besides that, with two car seats in the back, there is really no room to sit, so the floor just becomes storage that I have to dig through to find anything. My wallet went missing the other day and after a half hour of looking, finally found it in the mess there. I think I need this. And anyone like me (which I am going to assume is many if not all of you, if even for my own sanity), then you need this as well. Here is what our recommender of this product says; “This can strap to the front seat for easy access to stuff during a road trip if you are going solo with the kids. I primarily use it for my business, but great for traveling”. It is sturdy, waterproof and comes with a net cover to keep everything in. Perfect for the car.

And THAT concludes our second list of Sixx Cool Mom’s recommended Amazon products by Cool Moms for Cool Moms and their Cool Families. I am so excited by these products. I already have a huge list of ones I want to order (I have to space it out so my husband doesn’t kill me, lol). I hope some of these excite you as well. Happy Shopping!!

Author: Shari Brophy is owner of Cherie Photography, mom of two, and Market Director for Cool Moms of Saratoga County.



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