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Amazon Recommended Products by Cool Moms for Cool Moms

An Average Day of Deliveries…

When I first came up with the idea to ask all of our Sixx Cool Moms members what their favorite items from Amazon are, I knew I would get great suggestions from other Cool Moms! We trust our members WAY more than people who may have been paid for their reviews in some way. I’m excited to share these recommendations from Cool Moms ALL OVER THE COUNTRY with our audience, but never did I think I’d be personally so EXCITED by these products.

Many recommended products I had never even HEARD of, so why aren’t more people bragging about these lifesavers?! There were baby items recommended that should be on EVERY registry. Some of the kids gear I ordered RIGHT AWAY for my toddler girl because we NEEDED them, and some products I ordered for myself and family because well, they just looked cool.

Maybe this was a bad idea (for my bank account), but honestly…. I was probably going to spend it on Amazon anyway, so why not spend it on things that are actually worth it!!

We received SO many suggested products, that I could not fit them all into one blog, so I decided to turn this project into a series. I broke up our Amazon recommendations into three blogs based on who the products are geared towards (Moms, Kids, Family.)

This first post is one is just for us mamas!

So Moms, did you not get what you wanted for Mother’s Day? Were the beautiful flowers and homemade gifts cute, but you really wanted something that you could USE??? Well, check out this AWESOME list of great Amazon items that other moms have LOVED!!!

Replace your crappy Mother’s Day gifts with something you will actually enjoy, or use it as an excuse to buy yourself something because you deserve it for being such a GREAT MOM EVERYDAY!!!!

We could not have a list for moms without some amazing bath bombs. Unlike other bath bombs, these are on the larger side so they last longer, and you can actually feel the effects more, such as smoother skin and bonus aromatherapy. These bombs also come with a little note inside as an extra treat. If you love long, relaxing baths with a good smell and smooth skin, these are for you!! Never tried bath bombs before? Try these beauties and enjoy a bath like the queen you are!! 

If you love baths with aromatherapy and bath salts, but like to control how much you use, this choice might be more up your alley than a bath bomb. These Aromatherapy Bath Soaks are amazing for any mom! Made using natural sea salts, a vial of the Aromatherapy oil of your choice (Lemongrass is the absolute favorite of the Mom who suggested it) as well as hemp and hemp seed oil! The mama who recommended says, “Hands down probably my favorite soak ever”! Packets sold separately or in assorted sets of 3. The first set comes with eucalyptus, lemongrass and rosemary while the second set includes lavender, rose and chamomile.

Are baths REALLY not your thing? Don’t worry, we have one last option for you mamas!! This body scrub will gently remove dry skin in the shower to help reveal softer, smoother skin. It also moisturizes and leaves a subtle scent! Plus this scrub is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

I have bought hemp lotions in the past (from one of those stores in the mall) and it was seriously the ONLY lotion that worked on my constantly dry hands. It was a bummer when they stopped carrying it, so when this popped up in my messages, I was SUPER excited!!! Recommending mama said it is her absolute favorite lotion!! This lotion is not oily (like some can be) and very mild in scent (though, if you want more scent, there are plenty of those available as well). Wonderful lotion for those of us with sensitive skin.

Foot masks have shown up a few times on posts about great gifts. I even had two moms send it in for this blog. One mom said she, “Even used a pair on my father-in-law who has never had a pedicure.” If it can work on, “Man feet,” then it can only do wonders for us, right? Get it just in time for summer and flip flop season!! I know I am!!

Speaking of getting ready for summer (especially after the past year where most of us have probably been a little lazy when it comes to things like shaving), these pads will probably be your best friend as your body gets used to shaving more often again. Not just for after shaving, these pads help after waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser removal to cool down irritated skin. That is great to know, especially for, ‘Down There,’ which is where I have the most problems with razor burn. Especially since my 4-month-old was born.

Our very own Jenna and Camille BOTH love and rave about this product. It is next on my list of items to order (because I can’t order them all at once or my husband might kill me, lol). This hot air brush dries and straightens your hair all in one shot without the risk of burning yourself. Camille even says that she loves how her hair looks and feels after using it. Her hair is, “bouncier, healthier looking, and feels great. It is also not flat on top, like after I use a flat iron.” A miracle worker that saves time and money, since this product is super affordable.

If you like changing you nail color often, but buying a lot of polish or going to the salon is becoming too much, this is for you!!! The recommending mom said, “This product legit saved me during the pandemic. With a variety of fabulous colors, all you need is a UV lamp. The gel lasts just as long as it does in the salon, and this product comes with a glossy or matte finish which is so fun!”

I actually went to a nail salon for the first time in over a year the day before my wedding and by the NEXT morning, half of it had chipped off. You can imagine how mad I was!!!! This polish will be included in my next order as well, because I am tired of paying for manicures that do not even last a day. Bonus, it definitely sounds like something I can do for myself during my kids nap time.

So, back to my wedding, when I was getting upset about my crappy looking nails…. my niece told me about these press on beauties. Her nails looked AMAZING that day, and I was jealous. I planned on ordering some to try, but since being pregnant and having a baby (I was in my third trimester when I got married) I TOTALLY forgot about them…… until they were sent to me for this blog. They make a lot of different styles and colors, but this mom LOVES the coffin style, which is really popular right now (well, at least according to my Facebook newsfeed where I see cute coffin nails ALL the time).

Sometimes coming up with new hairstyles is hard. Well, at least for me since I don’t have a lot of time to get ready with two kids under the age of three pulling at my legs. I have already ordered this stick because it’s perfect for my busy mom lifestyle.

Here is what our recommending mom has to say about the hair stick trend: “I buy these hair sticks on Amazon. They are so cheap, pretty, strong, and keep my hair up and elegant all day long. It’s the easiest plus fastest way to make long hair instantly professional, and they come in so many styles! I have friends who said their hair was too thin, too heavy etc. and were amazed when I turned their hair into beautiful twists. These are awesome!”

If THAT doesn’t make you want to buy them to try….

I should have put this on the list myself, but mom brain is really a thing. This massager is one of my FAVORITE items from Amazon, and apparently it is not just me.

One mom simply said she, “Loves this product,’ but I can say more. It is amazing for any part of your neck and back. I tend to fall asleep in some weird positions and wake up with a sore back. Between the rollers and the heat, this gives one of the best massages. Major bonus points that it helps me feel better faster so that I can take care of my kids.

Sometimes I just use it because I love it and no other reason, so saying this product is great just because you love it is 100% accurate.

Are you dreading having to start wearing a bra again? Not looking forward to how annoying, tight and restraining they can be? Look no further!! These fit like a sports bra, but have more support than one. We all know that finding one bra that makes every woman happy is impossible, but these look like they might come close.

Once I am done nursing, I plan to give these a try. It’s exactly what I need.

This mom LOVES these exercise shorts, and with summer coming, many of us know we need to get back in shape. Whether you prefer pants or shorts, these are soft, comfortable and breathable. The magic trifecta! On Amazon, they have even been reviewed as great maternity shorts. If you love leggings or need new workout clothes, give these a try. They really seem to please.

Are you always trying different shapewear to hide some of that “mom belly” or love handles? Don’t get me wrong, I love my body and everything it has created, but sometimes I just want to look “smoother” in a nice dress.

Our recommending mom (and many reviewers) love not only how well the Irisnaya Waist Trainer works, but also how comfortable it is. This must have is DEFINITELY going on my shopping list!!

It is FINALLY Flip Flop Season again!!!! I know for some of you, FFS may be year-round or has started already, but some of us live in parts of the country where we are hope that the snow for 2021 is finally done with.

The mom who recommended, loves these flip flops!! She said, “I just got these flip flops a couple weeks ago because my favorite pair broke. They are super comfortable and have better support than flat flip flops!”

I still have a few pairs leftover from my wedding last October, but they only last a few wears before becoming uncomfortable. These are next up on my list of products I want to try!

This is our last item, and a bonus item that was sent to me as I was finishing this blog. It was so cool that I HAD to add on!!!

Many of us have to deal with unwanted hair and fast removal (especially when we have somewhere to be.) This hair remover is perfect for ALL moms, who have a million things to do and no time!! Here is what one mom said about this product, “Super quick and easy hair removal. I use it about once a week or whenever I feel some stubble popping back up. It’s quick and painless! Just glide it over your skin where you want to remove the hair, and bam, smooth skin!”

Does she work for them with a review like that? NO!! But I am pretty sure that will sell it for most of us.

That concludes our first list of Sixx Cool Mom’s recommended Amazon products by Cool Moms for Cool Moms. I am so excited to buy ALL of these products!

Keep an eye out on Amazon as I may be writing my own amazing reviews for them. I know that some of these products will not be EVERYONE’S cup of tea (we do have over 65,000 moms nationwide), but I hope that there are at least a few that get you as excited as me. Especially if you received some crappy Mother’s Day gifts (or an Amazon gift card like I did, lol). Happy Shopping!!

Author: Shari Brophy is owner of Cherie Photography, mom of two, and Market Director for Cool Moms of Saratoga County.

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