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Can a mushroom coffee alternative really kick brain fog?

Hi! I’m Emily, a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids under 5, and 2 dogs. The brain fog is real and ever-present!

Oh, and we’re also in the middle of renovating our dream home by ourselves. (Well, mostly my husband)

The brain fog is wreaking havoc

Mom brain and brain fog are one in the same

Let’s take a peek into my day.

I started to take the white slipcover off my couch – because what was I thinking when I got a white slipcover?! Then, realized I needed to grab the Amazon box from the kitchen to return it. 

Went into the kitchen and saw the stack of dishes from breakfast and lunch in the sink so I went to clean those to only realize the dishwasher was full. But before I could start emptying that, I heard the damn washing machine going off because it was uneven for the seventh time this load. 

So, down the stairs to fix that, only to get to the bottom of the stairs and completely forget … what I was doing in the basement.

I remember: “Oh shit, the couch cover!” So, I grabbed the Amazon return labels off the printer and went back upstairs.

I land in the kitchen and realize that it’s almost time for dinner. Cue setting things out to start cooking only to get frustrated that the kitchen was a mess.

Then, I hear the washing machine again. I realize, oh, that’s why I went downstairs! So, back downstairs to fix that. And that was just a 20-minute peek into my brain. Imagine being there all day! 

Something’s gotta give

I was sick of getting the “it’s probably because you have four kids” or “you have a lot on your plate right now” comments when I would talk to others about my serious brain fog and decided I needed to do something about it.

I did some research on nootropics and natural remedies for brain fog and anxiety, as well as some pharmaceuticals for attention disorders.

After speaking with my primary care physician, I decided to try a full-body detox on my current medications and coffee addiction. I slowly weaned myself off Zoloft. It was prescribed to me after my miscarriage almost two years ago. Since I felt that it was more for situational depression, I thought it was time to say adieu to the medication.

Looking for more natural solutions for brain fog

During my research, I learned there were a few key ingredients – Chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps are the big three – that I needed in my daily diet to help combat brain fog, anxiety and depression, and forgetfulness.

I started off going completely cold turkey with my regular coffee because, well, if I was doing this I was doing it right!

On day one I dove in head first with a cup of RASA coffee alternative. You brew it like regular coffee or tea and can add in your favorite creamers. 

And you know what? It tastes great! 

RASA is one of my picks for getting rid of brain fog

I would make my cup of “coffee” like usual with some flavored oat creamer and it was like any other cup of coffee. I probably enjoy the taste of the creamer more than actual coffee so the taste was not an issue for me.

Almost immediately I noticed that I was focusing better. I was less short with my kids. Wasn’t feeling that afternoon crash like I was before. I never even felt the withdrawal symptoms I usually have when I miss my morning cup of coffee. This is usually in the form of a massive migraine by 10:00 a.m.!

Under the influence

I was constantly seeing TikTok ads for MUD\WTR™, a coffee alternative that includes the big three: lion’s mane, Chaga, and cordyceps. Call me TikTok influenced, I bought it.

With the MUD\WTR™ I had to stir it frequently or chug the cup because it would settle in the bottom so I felt like I was wasting half the product. 

I never experienced headaches from caffeine withdrawal, which was so nice! I also felt like the brain fog and forgetfulness cleared up pretty quickly. Frickin’ fabulous. Plus, there was not much of a difference in taste when I added my creamers. 

The results are worth it

Now, my kids all still nap so usually I take (a much-needed) one with them.

After quitting coffee, I didn’t feel like I always needed one. I was able to do a quick 15-minute yoga or Pilates class on YouTube after I put the kids down and then actually relax during naptime!

Some days I’d find myself wanting a cup of coffee around 2:00 in the afternoon, but not for the caffeine kick. It was mostly because I associate a cup of something warm with relaxing.

I started replacing my afternoon cup of coffee with a cup of Sacred 7. Now, this was a little harder for me to pretend it was a regular cup of coffee because it was not! It is a powder you mix into hot water and it does have a little smell to it. Nothing too powerful, just in the making process it was a little difficult. Once I added some creamer to it it was enjoyable, plus all of the benefits I was getting from the mushrooms. 

I was on a kick and enjoying my coffee alternatives and found Four Sigmatic. In my excitement, I didn’t read anything about it and found out after a few cups that … it’s coffee with mushrooms added. So, after a month of detoxing from coffee I inadvertently just poured it down my throat again. 

If you are looking for a way to ease yourself into the mushroom world of coffee, this brand would make a great start! I enjoyed the high caffeine pack and only ever felt like I needed one cup to start my day and I could enjoy a cup of something else if needed in the afternoon. I will definitely be continuing with the RASA brand coffee alternative and adding the Sacred 7 into my daily routine. I’m a fan of both a french press and electric kettles, and they are great for preparing your new mushroom brews. So if you are looking to add to your coffee counter, I’d pick these.

Author: Emily Martins is mom to 4 beautiful children and Market Director for Cool Moms of Howard County and Laurel. Visit our Chapter Directory for a Cool Moms near you!


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