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Cool Moms Talk About Drake's Leaked Video

Updated: Feb 9

The internet has been WILD with stories about the since-removed leaked video of Drake, apparently spinning his 🍆 around like a baton twirler, which began its circulation on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday, February 6th

The Truth?

Whether the video is a deep fake, actually released by Drake, or a huge violation of privacy remains to be seen. Additionally, there is a wildly different reaction from Drake compared to if it were a female celebrity, with more humor than horror.

Drake's friend Adin Ross saw the video and sent the singer the following message:

"You’re blessed with your voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed to be you, you’re blessed to be number one, and you’re also blessed to have a f***ing missile.”

Drake’s reaction to that message was eight laughing emojis, along with a suggestion that he would use the streamer’s voice note as his 'next album intro.'

He also announced to the crowd at his February 8th Nashville show that, 'The Rumors Are True.'

For those who haven't seen the video, I'll summarize:

  • Drake is touching himself on what appears to be the bed in a private jet while filming with his phone.

  • He has a giant 🍆.

  • FIN.

Here are some reactions from a few Sixx Cool Moms members who have seen Drake's video

meme two reactions to a big eggplant

"Um, is that a hose?"

"Good lord, I see the hype is well deserved."

"This dude has way too much money, just sitting in his jet with his d*ck hanging out."

"As an avid Degrassi fan, I approve."

"I’m not that impressed. Either all the men I’ve been with are huge, or the men others have been with were small."

"Yes, it looked like a stale churro. Not impressive at all."

"Raise your entire forearm if you have seen the video of Drake’s 🍆."

"Is that another arm?"

"Imma say it again. Imagine having all that d*ck and can't keep a chick."

"This is why he was in that wheelchair in Degrassi."

"Don't forget the flippity flop part."


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