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Cool Novel To Read: For The Love Of Friends

Debut Novel by Sara Goodman Confino!

Wedding Season

In my lifetime, I have been in five weddings total. Unlike the main character Lily Weiss in, For The Love Of Friends those weddings were spaced out over a year apart each. Being in one wedding can be stressful (AND EXPENSIVE!) however, being in five weddings in six weeks sounds like a legit nightmare.

Honestly, the idea truly makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

For The Love Of Friends

Lily, is a 32-year-old, single (gasp!) professional who is a talented writer (an underutilized talent at her full-time job with a science foundation) with a big family, a nosy mother, and too many friends. Most importantly, the protagonist in this novel is a well-rounded character, that I would love to be friends with. Lily, is genuinely happy for all the couples she will be helping down the aisle; however the stress of five weddings in six weeks takes its toll on this professional bridesmaid.  She uses these overwhelming situation(s) as an opportunity to vent anonymously online with a blog titled, “Bridesmania.”

“Bridesmania,” is Lily’s platform to vent about mean girl bridesmaids, the expenses incurred during all wedding related preparation and events, body shaming retail staff, and out-of-control anxious brides-to-be. This debut novel is a fun story with comedic elements that blends seamlessly into the drama as it unfolds before our eyes.

The heart of this story is a romance, however it’s not in the way you’d expect. This slow burn love story isn’t the main focus of this novel, but a perfect addition to the overall plot. A nice cake topper if you will!

Author: Sara Goodman Confino

Author with the good hair.

For The Love Of Friends, is the debut novel by Cool Mom, Sara Goodman Confino, released on August 1st by Lake Union Publishing.  FTLOF, is book one of her two book deal with Lake Union. The follow up novel should be released in 2022, and will involve characters from her first novel.  I for one am SUPER excited to hear more from Lily’s 88-year-old granny. That betch is crazy and I love her!

If you like an easy breezy read for your next beach vacation, kids soccer clinic, or cozy fall afternoon curled up on the couch then this novel is for you!

Have you have ever been in a wedding that ruined a friendship or two? Then this novel is for you!

In conclusion, if you like a captivating narrator, with a clear voice, and expert character development, you will 100% love, For The Love Of Friends.

Where to Purchase

Author: Jenna Levine Liu is the Founder & President of Sixx Cool Moms. You can find a Cool Moms chapter by you by visiting our directory.



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