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Jenna’s First Time: The Silk Pillowcase Trend

Welcome to our new blog series here at Sixx Cool Moms called Jenna’s First Time! Jenna Liu, the founder of Sixx Cool Moms, will be trying the latest trends in beauty, fitness, child rearing, and activities; all for your education and amusement! If there is something you would like Jenna to try email

Look How Happy This Betch Is!

My. Hair. Sucks. Seriously, it has been a struggle since I hit puberty and those pesky curls sprouted. My natural texture looks like I licked a spoon and stuck it in an electrical socket. Add in the years and years and YEARS of color treatment, and you get a frizzy mess that takes an hour and 87 products to tame.

When I started to hear about the Silk Pillowcase trend, I decided to do my research and jump on the boat! I have been using a towel on my pillow for years after hearing that it helped with breakouts. My skin cleared up with that tactic, but my hair was another (frizzy) story.

What is a Silk Pillowcase

“Derived from domesticated silkworms, silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic, so they prevent buildup of dust mites, fungus, mold, and other allergens. Silk pillowcases also tend to be good heat regulators, which means no flipping your pillow over to the cold side every 20 minutes. But the main draw to silk pillowcases is the potential hair and skin benefits.” – Glamour

What are the Benefits?

Since silk is delicate it does not cause the fine lines and wrinkles that sleeping on cotton might. Additionally, it lessens the amount of breakage your hair experiences from squirming around on your shitty cotton pillowcase all night.

How to Pick a Pillowcase?

Instead of thread count, silk fabrics use momme – i.e. fabric weight. You will usually find a range of 15-30 momme, but the optimal weight is 22 momme or higher. I’ve seen a ton of advertising for the brands Blissy and Slip; however, at the price tag of $70-$90 I decided to opt for the below $20, 22 momme beauty from J JIMOO on Amazon.

The Results!

I have been using my silk pillowcase for 2 months and have noticed not only a difference in my hair, but also my skin. I wake up in the morning with significantly less sleep lines, and my hair is as smooth as Poppy’s tushy.

If you want to dive into the web of silk pillowcases, (you see what I did there) I recommend the J JIMOO brand but invite you to check out this article from Prevention on the 13 best silk pillowcases according to user reviews.

Author: Jenna Levine Liu is the Founder & President of Sixx Cool Moms. You can find a Cool Moms chapter by you by visiting our directory.

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