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Moms Time to Wine: Featuring Italian Wines Under $20

Let’s face it…moms need wine! Being a mom is tough work and raising children is expensive. We think it is great to be able to enjoy an affordable bottle of wine without sacrificing taste. We have compiled a list of 10 delicious Italian wines of differing varietals that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

$12 Corte Rossa Barolo

This 100% Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy features ripe cherry and berry fruits. It is a robust, full-bodied red with aromatics of leather, cinnamon and licorice. The significant acidity allows for a strong, earthy finish. This wine pairs well with lasagna and beef or lamb

$14 The Basilica Cafaggio Chianti Classico

This 100% Sangiovese comes to us from Tuscany. This wine is medium bodied with silky tannins. It starts sweet and tart with the presentation of raspberry and cherry. A lingering finish suggests undertones of tobacco and vanilla. This Chianti pairs well with meaty pastas and game.

$18 Donafugata Sherazade Nero d’Avolo

This fruity red wine offers a bouquet of plum, sour cherry and black currant. It is medium bodied with a smooth texture and chewy tannins. Herbs and floral notes give way to a spicy finish. This wine pairs well with beef, lamb or pizza – perfect for moms on the go.

$14 Pasqua Romeo & Juliet Passione e Sentimento

This tantalizing white wine displays a delicious blend of pear, peach and melon. A hint of honey and almond allows for a smooth and creamy mouth feel with a wonderful lemon finish. Refreshing and well balanced, this wine pairs well with charcuterie and shellfish.

$17 Donafugata Anthilia

This Sicilian white is an excellent value. It is complex and fresh with flavors of lemon and white peach. Hints of honey with slight minerality make this a nutty wine. Floral notes and a fragrance of grapefruit round it out for a perfectly balanced wine. It pairs well with vegetarian dishes and appetizers.

$15 Lodali Roero Arneis

This white wine comes from Northern Italy. The region of Northern Italy gives way to wines that are more representative of the climate and soil and less fruit-forward. It is less sweet with soft acidity. Notes of lemon zest are rounded out with hints of butter, vanilla and oak. It pairs well with lean fish, hard cheeses and cured meats.

$15 Santa Christina Cipresseto Rosato

This Rosé from Tocana, Italy is deliciously refreshing. This wine features full fruit flavors leading with strawberry and cherry which are nicely rounded out by raspberry. The bouquet matches the taste with strong fruit aromas. It is very drinkable on the palate and pairs well with veal, poultry and beef.

$11 Secco Italian Bubbles

This Pinot Noir Brut comes to us from Veneto, Italy. It is reminiscent of a prosecco rosé with its pretty pink color and bubbles. It is crisp and fresh with notes of stone fruit and rose petals leading to a peppery finish. This wine is light and well balanced. It pairs well with salmon, tuna and pork.

$12 Falesco Vitiano Rosato

This rosé hails from Orvieto, Italy. Vitano Rosato is a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Merlot and Aleatico. It is elegant and full bodied. An aroma of fresh fruits include watermelon and strawberry. This rosé is full bodied and rich with mild acidity. It pairs well with veal, lamb and beef.

$10 Impero Montelpuciano d’ Abruzzo

The Impero Montelpuciano is a crowd pleaser and excellent to serve at parties when you want to impress on a budget. It is medium bodied, smooth and rich with pleasant acidity. The palate will experience cherry and red fruit with undertones of chocolate. It displays slight minerality resulting in a wonderfully balanced wine. This wine pairs well with many dishes, specifically pasta.

Whether you want to enjoy a slice of pizza with a glass of wine or throw a dinner party to impress, this list of wines will have you covered. Great wine does not have to cost a fortune! Make yourself feel extra special by sipping your selection out of one of our awesome, “I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom” wine glasses. Saluti!

Author: Heather Berry

Heather Berry is the Market Director for Cool Moms of Northern Virginia, and mom to 18 month old Kelly!


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