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<strong><em>Allie x Alex Adventure Time</em></strong>

This month Allie and Alex venture to Florham Park, NJ to visit Imagine That Museum!

We are in month 7 of Quarantine 2020 and I must tell you, I am over it!

It’s getting cold and how many more times can I sit on a park bench and yell at Alex to not share a lollipop with little Timmy on the playground. Yuck! I was happy when Cheryl from Imagine That Museum in Florham Park, NJ, reached out and invited us to come check out her Children’s Museum. I immediately said YES because we are beyond bored! So, I packed up the car, called Camille to meet me with Varick and got on the road. I live in North Jersey right outside of lower Manhattan, so the trip took a total of 30 minutes in the car. Not bad.


Imagine That Children’s Museum is a 16,000 sq ft children’s museum that specializes in activities for pre-school and young school aged children. The facility has been around for 20 years and is run by North Jersey Cool Mom, Cheryl Taylor. At Imagine That children are encouraged to touch, discover, and learn through play and imagination.

Let’s get into the basics:

COVID Safety: 10/10

When we arrived, first thing was a temperature check, hand sanitizer on the hands and then a contactless check in. Adults are required to wear a mask at all times unless you are eating in the café. While children are required when they can. The facility is operating at 25% capacity so social distancing is not an issue.

Space: 10/10

I was taken back by how LARGE the space is! With high ceilings and an open floor concept, I did not feel like we couldn’t have a good time and stay socially distanced. There are stations, each with a different activity, that are spaced 6 feet apart. The play areas are fully carpeted.

Activities: 10/10

We set the kids free to roam. Alex is 6 and Varick is 2. The activities were fun for both. Alex spent most of her time on the slides, music room and the arts & crafts area.

While Varick, who is Autistic, explored on his own and fell in love with the train sets.

Food 10/10:

This is the BEST food that we have ever had at a play place. They have a CHEF, a real live CHEF preparing healthy and gluten free options.

What I loved most was the fact that they had food geared towards children (ie pizza, chicken nuggets and fries) but they also had some adult options. And ICE COFFEE! FRESH ICE COFFEE!

Camille and I shared Nachos and a Chicken Caesar Wrap.

The kids went for Mac and Cheese. I couldn’t capture Varick enjoying his mac and cheese because before I could take the picture, he had already eaten it, lol. He loved the Mac and Cheese.

Parental Enjoyment 10/10:

For me, this is one of the most important categories because I work from home. The setup of the café is placed so that you can see your children no matter where they are. I was able to sit in the café, drink coffee, work on my phone (using their WIFI) while Alex enjoyed herself. She played independently or with Varick for over 2 hours. I did not hear MOMMY once.

Final Score 10/10:

Imagine That Children’s Museum is a home run. You see these two smizing Mamas up here, its because we had a stress-free afternoon sipping iced coffee while our little ones enjoyed themselves. The range of activities from jumbo slides to arts & crafts, a functional grocery store and lots of pretend play to spark your kid’s imagination makes Imagine That the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Check out more photos of our adventure on our IG.

4 Veerland Rd, Florham Park, NJ 07932


Allie is Supermom to Alexandria, Director of Communications for Sixx Cool Moms, and Market Director for Cool Moms of Northern New Jersey.


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