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<strong>Sixx Cool Moms Approved Business: Karrot! </strong>

The Internet is Full of Creepy Strangers

If you are anything like me, you buy and sell a lot of stuff on the internet. I have used Poshmark for my fancy clothes, Facebook Marketplace for baby gear, Craigslist when I really feel like getting scammed, Buy/Sell groups when I need a used couch someone found on the sidewalk, and clothing swaps when I want to see my friends, drink wine, and take clothing that I assume will fit me at some point in the future (I have a problem). All this work to clean up my house and make a few extra dollars. Seriously, babies go through A TON of clothing! Unfortunately, with a lot of these companies, you are left to deal with creepy strangers on your own, OR they take a huge fee from your sales.  

A Solution!

Well, the Sixx Cool Moms team has found a service that not only provides a free way to sell your gear, but also vets buyers and sellers so you can feel safe throughout your transaction! Introducing Karrot, a mobile marketplace app focused on buying & selling secondhand items within local neighborhoods.

Karrot is currently operating beta services in Manhattan, Northern New Jersey, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn, and focuses on intimate interactions between buyers and sellers. Buyers are only allowed to view items that are within a 6-mile radius. You get to meet your neighbors and save on shipping supplies and postage. This is amazing because I hate going to the post office for ANY reason.

Karrot is also completely ad and professional seller free so your experience will not be messy and complicated. There is nothing I dislike more than spending 20 minutes to set up one listing only to have it drowned by ads for Arhaus. 

No More Creeps!

Did I mention no more creepy Craigslist sellers?! When users first sign up with Karrot, they must verify themselves using their mobile number and phone GPS to confirm that they live in their selected neighborhood. Moreover, their verified status will expire after a certain amount of time and re-verification is needed.

In addition, Karrot’s team of moderators constantly monitor the platform to flag any fake profiles or malicious activity; users are also able to report any suspicious or inappropriate activity on the app. When Karrot receives a report, they take it very seriously.

My favorite part about the app is how Karrot allows users to select their buying/selling preference categories for a more personalized feed!  Prohibited items including fraudulent postings, sales, advertisements, and duplicate postings are automatically hidden from the feed. I do not want that garbage in my feed anyway! 

Active Locations

Karrot is only active in certain locations within NYC and NJ to ensure there are enough users in each neighborhood. If you want your Karrot to open in your local neighborhood, all you need is 500 votes!

If you want to give the #sixxcoolmomsapproved Karrot a try, download their awesome app from the Google Play or Apple App Store

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