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Tell Us Your Silliest Pregnancy Brain Moments!

Why Are My Keys In The Fridge?

I am not a scientist, but ‘pregnancy brain’ is a real thing! When I was pregnant I was regaled with old wives’ tales and other little tidbits regarding pregnancy. I just chalked them up as fun tales used to scare teenagers into using condoms; (what sixteen year-old doesn’t love hearing about grape sized hemorrhoids?) but let me tell you – pregnancy brain is legit. I would do the silliest things and sometimes not even realize it. It was such a frequent occurrence that I started making a list of the nonsensical things I would do.

Although there isn’t a concrete answer, there are several factors that are said to contribute to ‘pregnancy brain.” These include hormonal surges, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and physiological changes in the brain. FUN. STUFF.

At first, I confided in my husband that I was starting to feel like I was becoming stupid. Words would often escape me, basic functions would literally stump me, and my forgetfulness was rampant. Once I realized that I was just experiencing ‘pregnancy brain,’ I had some fun with it.


One time I went to the bathroom and instead of flushing the toilet I tried to flush the light switch. Then, after washing my hands, I apparently left the water on for who knows how long. During part of my pregnancy, my husband and I were living with my in-laws. My father-in-law still reminds me about the day he was standing at the kitchen window and saw me drive past the house. I literally just spaced out and missed where I lived. Another time I tried to unlock the front door with my key fob for my car. I also used to do things like leave the refrigerator door open or put something in the microwave for twenty minutes instead of two. For a while I even started forgetting basic words.

One day I was so tired and trying to express that I needed some caffeine. The word “caffeine” had escaped me and I just kept repeating “energy calories, I need energy calories.” Another time I could not remember “sign language.” I was trying to explain to my husband that I wanted to teach our baby sign language but all I could get out was “hand sentences.”

My ‘pregnancy brain’ antics were so common that I used to fear it was permanent and I was going to be stuck with it. Despite the frequent laughs it allowed us, it did eventually go away. These days I am still forgetful and say the wrong words often but that’s just because I am a very tired mama to a sweet one-year-old who is very active. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Now it’s your turn!!! What is your silliest ‘pregnancy brain’ moment?!

Author: Heather Berry

Heather Berry is the Market Director for Cool Moms of Northern Virginia, and mom to 23-month-old Kelly!


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