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What is Sixx Cool Moms?

This mom is all of us.

Welcome to the Sixx Cool Moms Page!

Your first thought may be, “Wow! Look at all these happy betches on the front page slider! I wanna be a happy betch!” Your second thought is potentially, “What the F is a Sixx Cool Mom?” I’m so glad you asked. Let me tell you:

In July of 2019 I was 6 months pregnant with my first child and realized that although I had a bad ass support system of friends, they all lived nearly a 1-hour drive away from me. It was important for me to build a nearby community of mom friends that well…didn’t suck. So I did what any suburban basic bitch does to feel validated, I started a Facebook Group in my neighborhood. The original group was slow growing at first, but I soon had a steady stream of new members who wanted to meet up and make real life friendships.

Our first meetup – a Thursday morning breakfast at First Watch (million-dollar bacon for the win), took place while I was on maternity leave. At this first meetup, six moms came together from very different walks of life (seriously, it was like the mom version of the 1985 movie, The Breakfast Club. I was the janitor. The person who edited this blog entry said that people might not get the reference so I should include ‘1985 movie.’ Real talk: If you haven’t seen The Breakfast Club you are not a Cool Mom), and we have become, and remain, good friends!

The six of us were not like regular moms…we were cool moms (Are you happy now? I said it!) Hence the name Sixx Cool Moms. Actually, as Cool Mom Carly put it, “When I first attended that breakfast and I saw you I thought, ‘wow she’s pretty and put together, and we will have nothing in common’…until you opened your mouth, and I realized you were a mess!” Thank you and F you Carly, but she wasn’t wrong.

Before I can tell you what a cool mom is, let me tell you what one isn’t. A Cool Mom isn’t judgmental; a Cool Mom doesn’t ask to speak to the manager unless there is a real reason; A Cool Mom DOES NOT participate in mom shaming of any kind, and most importantly, a Cool Mom isn’t a Karen from HR.

If you can laugh at yourself, you are a Cool Mom. If you can admit that being a mom is rewarding, but also really F’ing hard and exhausting, you are a Cool Mom. If you still have (or WANT to have) hobbies and a personality that isn’t totally wrapped up in your children, you are a Cool Mom. If you have eaten ice cream while listening to a true crime podcast in the bathtub, you are technically me, but also a Cool Mom. If you bought that candle that smells like Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina as a joke, you are a Cool Mom, and also my soulmate.

So, welcome to Sixx Cool Moms. Please take a look around, and find a chapter in your county. If one doesn’t exist please email to learn about starting one.

Thank you for being a part of my inner circle.

-Jenna (Founder & HBIC)

PS- If you want to know about the second x in Sixx…too bad. It’s a secret only 6 people know.


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