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What is YOUR Purpose?

From the moment we are brought into this world, our life has meaning. It is that meaning that drives us to truly seek our purpose in this lifetime. That purpose can change multiple times in each stage of our lives. Our likes and dislikes, our passions and hobbies grow and change through each of those stages.

I know my purpose has always been to become a Nurse, and my true passion is to help people in whatever capacity that I can. That was the reason why I chose to write my self-help/autobiographical book Nursing At Its Finest.

My debut into non-fiction, Nursing At Its Finest discusses my personal and professional journey to become a Registered Nurse. Each chapter describes what inspired me to explore this exciting field, and the steps I took to achieve my goal.

I wanted to offer a vision of hope for those needing that extra push to reach their aspirations. NAIF discusses the challenges I overcame, challenges that we all can relate to.

I want the reader to know that we don’t have to have it all figured out. Our paths aren’t always going to be linear. Along your personal journey expect to hit many bumps in the road. I encourage you to keep your eyes on your purpose and not let adversity get in your way. ‘Fix that flat’ and continue to move forward!

More Out Of Life

On my journey to become a Registered Nurse, I discovered that my true passion is not just nursing, but overall health and wellness. It was this discovery that led me to also become a Licensed Finance Specialist.

Now I get to educate the public about the importance of developing a fully thought-out life plan. We all know that life is short and can end suddenly. Having a thought-out life plan in place to ease the burden on our loved ones is incredibly important.

Find Your Purpose

I say all this in hopes of leaving a positive impact on the world, as I took an oath as a healthcare professional to do right and care for the public, my true purpose in life.

Everyone has a purpose in life. Don’t compare your purpose to another’s. We are all trying to navigate this thing called LIFE. Continue to do your part in this world, and you’ll find what you are looking for.

If you’d like some more words of encouragement or a story that feels relatable, please check out my first non-fiction book, Nursing At Its Finest.

Author: Deanna Mackey is a skilled Registered Nurse with experience in numerous modalities of nursing.  Her extensive experience has allowed her to understand the vital and key components of nursing and the healthcare industry at a deeper level. You can learn more about Deanna at


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