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Sixx Cool Moms Summer Survival Guide

Alright moms, it’s June and we all know what that means. SUM-MER! Get yourself an ice cold bevy and let’s prep for a fun filled low key summer. Now this post is not going to be a post about how to keep your kids entertained this summer, because let’s be real, even if you plan it some days they’re going to have popsicles and goldfish for lunch and that’s perfectly okay! This is about you, how us as moms are going to survive this summer!

Getting Ready

I am the last one to get ready at my house. Even when I wake up early. There is only time to make myself some breakfast and brush my teeth before my kids come running down the stairs no matter what time I wake up. I am always getting ready while they eat breakfast and finding my summer “go to” outfit is crucial for these quick get ready mornings. This summer, I am LIVING in these rompers, but you could also go for some slimming high waisted biker shorts and a cute tank to work on that tan. Let’s be real, high waisted jean shorts have their time and place but sweating next to the sprinkler ain’t it. Hello swomp ass and scorched cheeks.

Summer SPF

While we are on the subject of getting ready, find a great SPF for your face! I have one I put on everyday no matter the season, but I usually switch it up in the summer. My go to is Cerave Tinted Sunscreen or Super Goop Glow Screen. Toss on some Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil and Maybelline Waterproof Mascara and I’m good to go.

Popsicle Storage & Comfy Chairs

If we are venturing out of our yard to a splash pad or something, get that off brand Yeti Cup with a solid and stick some popsicles in there with some extra ice to keep it frosty! This was a game changer last year! I didn’t have to deal with the meltdown when the ice cream truck came by and I wasn’t shelling out $4 a Popsicle in the shape of SpongeBob, you had your treat now be happy!

We are on the go all year, some (most) days I just want to chill at home! We have every damn sprinkler, pool, backyard activity you could think of so we stay a couple days a week. Get yourself a comfy outdoor chair. I have chairs all over our yard so I’m not constantly moving them from swings to sandbox to driveway to side yard. But the Devoko Patio Chaise is to die for! I set it up by Brooke’s water table because let’s be real, the others move too dang much for me to actually get comfortable. Bonus points if you can work on your tan in the chair.

Summer Drink

Find your summer drink! After being pregnant for four summers I learned how to make some yummy mocktails and love a good probiotic soda. But there’s a time and place for those bevys. You can find me after nap time sipping on a garden fresh mojito this summer. Which brings me to my third must have for summer. Grow something. I know you’re thinking, “Emily come on, I already have tiny humans to keep alive. Who has time time for a garden!” Neither do I girl. But there is something euphoric about picking something fresh from the garden and enjoying it.

I’m crazy and have veggies in the garden. Lettuces and herbs on the porch, and fruit bushes all over the place. You don’t have to be nuts like me, but mint is seriously the hardest thing to kill. Grab a plant from the grocery store and put it on your counter. Pluck a few leaves and throw that ish in some ice cold water! You’ll feel like you’re at a fancy resort while your Popsicle sticky kids run rampant in the yard.


Bonus tip, find yourself a cup you love! I’m a straw girly and while the Stanley is adorable, momma ain’t got the funds for a $50 water bottle. Gotta go for the dupe. Little financial advice, always go for the dupe! When was the last time someone ran up to you and inspected your bag for the label? Get the cheapo one off Amazon or from Walmart, half the time they work better last just as long as the fad anyways. Now go grab an iced coffee from Dunkin with that money you saved.

Have the best summer!

Author: Emily Martins is mom to 4 beautiful children and Market Director for Cool Moms of Howard County and Laurel. Visit our Chapter Directory for a Cool Moms near you!



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