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Why a Real Estate Broker Who Cares Matters

The housing market is crazy AF right now and has been for the last few years. There are some signs of slowing down this year, but probably not enough to make the process of buying or selling a home any less stressful for us.

Real Estate is a Scorcher

A Great Real Estate Broker is the Key to Success!

That’s why you need a real estate broker who gives a damn about their clients and not just the bottom line. They can take what for most of us mere mortals (you know, those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, or have a bottomless trust fund account that we can tap into on a whim) is a nightmare scenario and turn it into an experience that feels more like a love story.

Amelia Robinette of NoVa House and Home, has built a reputation around being someone that takes the time to understand what her client’s needs are. She and her team can meet those needs without it being an excruciating experience (like your first night at CrossFit or sitting through a live-action Paw Patrol event.)

Amelia has been working in real estate for over 20 years, and she has been a part of it all. Whether it’s residential and commercial, finance, investment, or management. You name it, Amelia knows how to deal with it.

“I started my own brokerage for a specific purpose,” she said. “To give better service and more transparency, and just be a better servant to our clients.”

Amelia understands that for most people, buying or selling a house is a very personal journey. For others, it’s not personal, it’s business.

“My first question is always, ‘How can I help you?’ You need to tell me what you need, and then, that’s how the conversation starts.”


How Amelia Helps Clients Find Their Dream Home

Amelia wants to know about her clients’ dreams and goals because houses are personal. This is especially true when it’s going to be their personal home. The place they’re going to build their life. The right real estate person is going to ask questions that get you to your new life. Plus they’ll be able to do it without showing you places that are way out of budget. At the end of the day, Amelia knows that way over budget exploration is just a waste of time for everyone.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t take her clients on discovery trips. There might be a house that you wouldn’t ever consider, but that’s not the point. The point of going, seeing and being in various spaces is to help get a full picture of what you want in your home. These trips help Amelia fill in all the blanks that most new homebuyers don’t even know need to be answered.

How The Process Works

Think of it like this: You go through House #1 and you’re really digging the back porch with the outdoor fireplace and the laundry room. Plus that primary bedroom with an on-suite is to die for. However, that kitchen looks like something out of The Brady Bunch and holy shit, is that stained concrete instead of hardwood flooring? No thanks.

All those hells yes or hard passes given to Amelia at each home tour allow her to create a clearer picture of what you’re really looking for. She wants to know what’s going to turn your first home into a forever home. Or at least a “until the kids get the hell out and get their own life” home. At that point maybe you sell up and buy yourself a beach villa or a chateau in France.

Business or Pleasure?

One of the benefits of having someone help you clearly identify what your wants and needs are in a home is that you’re not going to succumb to the high pressure that comes with those crazy bidding wars as of late. Why put yourself through that for a house that you’re not in love with just because you can get into it right now versus having to wait for the right one to come along?

Maybe you’re looking at real estate from more of a business perspective. Like, you’ve already got your family home and are wanting to dabble in rental properties or flipping houses. Amelia has experience in those areas too. And what’s more, she’s a total data nerd, so she’ll be able to come at you with all the information that matters when you’re looking at properties to invest in. She has dealt with the different moving parts of real estate transactions, and her experience and knowledge will work to your benefit.

“Spreadsheets are my art,” Amelia says. “Where I get creative is in a spreadsheet.”


When you’re thinking of using real estate as an income stream, you want someone who’s going to come at you with the numbers and data. Get that professional help to lay out the best options before diving into something that ends up being a big suck fest. No one has time for that wasted energy!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, you want to work with a team who gives a damn about your home buying journey, whether it’s because you’re looking to invest and make some passive income from it, or if you’re ready to start adulting and buy your own home for the first time.

The real estate market might be a little less overheated compared to last year’s feeding frenzy (home values were up nearly 20% last year, according to S&P Case-Shiller), but prices are expected to stay about where they are instead of dropping. Plus, with the Fed upping mortgage rates, there should be fewer buyers out there willing to throw stupid money at properties.

Amelia and the ladies at NoVa House and Home are a group of badass real estate professionals who are going to do the hard work. Let them take the process from scary AF to “hey, that wasn’t so bad!” Working alongside Amelia is Nicole, chief operating officer and associate broker, Peggy, supervising broker, and D’Ann, client support superstar. These ladies have families and work hard at a career they love. You all know that moms get shit done. So why would you go to anyone else? 

Author: Jessica Neff is a mom, writer, photographer, born-again baker and failed housekeeper. She’s living the doublewide dream as a reporter down in Texas with her fiancé and two daughters. Jessica is also the Market Director for Cool Moms of Dallas Fort Worth!

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